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Sunday, March 25, 2012

White Memorial Looking for a Youth Intern

Know anyone who is interested?  Contact Natalie Raygor at nraygor@whitememorial.org or 919-834-3424.

This is chance to be part of our church and a chance to be a part of the good things happening here in Raleigh.  A chance to watch us work on vision for our church and Youth ministry.  Let us know who we should be talking with and talking to!

White Memorial Presbyterian Church
Raleigh, North Carolina
Youth Intern

Title of Position: Youth Intern
The Youth Intern program is designed to be a full-time working and learning experience. It is a one or two year position for recent college graduates who have been shaped by the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition. Ordinarily two interns are in the program at a time, having started on alternating years. Participating for one year is an option that can be discussed with the intern and the Director of Youth Ministry.

Summer 2012 – Summer 2013 (Summer 2014)

A. Responsibilities:

In consultation with staff and appropriate committees, the Youth Intern shall:
1. Assist in program planning and leadership of youth fellowship (PYC)
2. Assist in advisor and youth council training
3. Assist in leading our Senior Leadership Team
4. Assist in coordinating and leading all youth retreats and trips
5. Assist in planning and implementing all fundraising events
6. Visit Confirmation youth who are experiencing the Confirmation journey
7. Attend Sunday morning church school with youth
8. Participate in recreational activities and supervise Open Gym times
9. Assist in leading Youth Bible Study, eventually leading a group on your own
10. Assist in leadership of mission and conference opportunities, including Spring Break, Presbytery Events, and Summer opportunities
11. Take an active part in youth outreach by attending youth sporting events and activities
12. Develop and maintain publications for all youth events, including quarterly youth newsletter and weekly church newsletter/E-News updates
13. Assist as needed in Christian Education and Youth Ministry department

B. Educational Component:

The Intern will:
1. Read and reflect on a book to be selected
2. Read and reflect on youth ministry resources
3. At the conclusion of the internship, write a brief reflection paper on experiences
4. Meet with a staff mentor at least once a quarter
5. Receive mid-term and end-term reviews

C. Working Relationships:

The Youth Intern is expected to work collegially with all church staff, specifically with the Director of Youth Ministry and Interim Associate Director of Youth Ministry.

Benefits: Individual Major Medical (90% of premium paid by church), life insurance, long term disability, two weeks vacation and ten holidays per calendar year, sick leave, and flexible reimbursement account.

Send inquiries with cover letter and resume to:

Youth Intern Search Committee

Attn: Natalie Raygor
White Memorial Presbyterian Church
1704 Oberlin Road
Raleigh, NC 27608

Cover letter should state the position applying for, why the applicant is interested in the position, and what the applicant can bring to the position. Information about White Memorial can be found at the church’s web site:

Jennifer King, Youth Intern Search Committee Chair,

Natalie Raygor, Director of Youth Ministry – 919-834-3425, extension 240 or nraygor@whitememorial.org

Greg Briley, Chair of Youth Ministry Committee,